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"I did exactly what chapter 9 of the Manifesting Manual said...I got a tremendous results that really amazed me! I gained $500,000 from a TV show, bought my dream car and am engaged to the person that I feel is my soul mate! We are in love and he is just like I imagined him! Believe it or not. Everything that I write here is TRUE , thank you for helping me! "

~ Bayan Rahal

How Do you Manifest Exactly what you want in Life?

Manifesting your destiny means that you are absolutely in love with your life exactly as it is, no matter what shows up within it.  There is a deep sense of peace inside you at all times, because you know that you can manifest ANYTHING that you hold your divine attention upon. 

The science of manifesting your ultimate dream life and destiny starts with understanding one basic principle...that you are a Manifesting Magnet and can attract anything!  It also holds the belief that the future is not written in stone and you have the free will to create anything you want at anytime.  If your attitude is positive and you believe it is possible to do so, then the door is open for you to manifest any destiny you desire.

There is something very important to this equation that allows you to manifest any future outcome.  This is maintaining a state of "possibility consciousness".   It may be challenging in the beginning to see that anything is possible in every moment of life, and to continue holding onto this realization is another game.  Yet, once you see there is someone who is always FREE within you (a free thinker, feeler, believer etc) who has the choice to choose how he/she thinks in each moment, then the power of manifesting ANY outcome or destiny you desire is at your feet.

To start manifesting the destiny you most desire begins with energetically increasing your Manifesting Vibration  What is a Manifesting Vibration?  Scientifically speaking it's the bioelectric amplitude of the frequency at which your bodymind vibrates at.  In laymen's terms, this is a measurement of your body's vibration which tells us how fast and easy you can attract things, situations, people into your reality.  Your Manifesting Vibration defines how much energy and expanded consciousness is able to exist your body and mind within a given period of time. 

It shows you how EFFORTLESSLY you can attract what you want into your life through a DECREASE in your resistance to life. Meaning if you're a really open-minded high energy positive person, you'll going to have a super high manifesting vibration!  And of course a higher manifesting vibration will actualize your desires easier, faster and more effectively than a lower vibration.

Each person's potential life destiny is basically determined by their Manifesting Vibration.  There are of course very "random" cosmic interactions from the Universe that will raise and lower your vibration, yet its the general foundation of your being that determines how effortless things manifest for you. 

Your mind's imagination is programmed from past experiences that tend to "bubble up" from your subconscious mind.  So you are going to randomly and consistently receive these "inner movies", thoughts, feelings and images onto your mind.  These images are imprinted like an energetic blueprint on cells and atoms throughout your body.  The feelings and sensations you allow in will create the vibrations found throughout your body, which tend to magnetize and manifest that same vibrational type of people, things and experiences in the outer world. And there are other factors involved...

The experiences you manifest are also a play of energy between your Manifesting Vibration, your level of expanded consciousness, and how well you can emotionally receive the experience of your life in this moment.  Ultimately, you are the main architect of your reality, and by learning just a few of these ancient manifesting secrets found in our Super Manifesting Program, you will know what a divine designer of your life you truly are!  With practice and patience you will be able to manifest any destiny you can dream of and become the manifesting master of your life!

"The end result for me was $127,000.00 in one month, and paying off $80,000 of debt.  Now I'm averaging over $50,000 a month. These manifesting techniques are delightful and easy to accomplish."

~Sunny W., Atlanta, Georgia


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Making the choice that you are the true manifesting master of your destiny is a process and is about stepping over the many emotional and personal limiting beliefs that have been imprinted within you.  This is often where people remain stuck in negative habits and fall short of the possibility consciousness inside them that KNOWS you are the true divine manifestor of your destiny.  So how does one stop the broken record from playing the same old stories?  The secret is again...in raising your vibration.

The 8 habits manifesting routine in our program will do just that!  Even after a few days on it you'll find yourself in a more empowering, open-minded, and creative space to attract and design the destiny that you desire.  This is what your life is really all about!  You will learn how to become the master of your mind, and thus master your entire life. From this place you can truly manifest any destiny that you can imagine. 

Yes, anything is possible in this infinitely intelligent all-powerful conscious Universe and your ability to manifest your destiny will increase with the more frequently and consistently you can maintain your focus on WHAT YOU WANT and not on what you DON'T WANT.  

Knowing how to manifest your destiny originates from the belief that you are the master of your mind, and that your thoughts create your life.  When your consciousness is increased to such a high level, you are easily able to redirect your mind to ONLY explore the positive, abundant, healthy, relaxing, loving thoughts.  The by-product is that only positive experiences can manifest for you! 

By experiencing the manifesting secrets and techniques that increase your Manifesting Vibration, you will soon become a Manifesting Magnet!   From this energetic space you can easily attract financial freedom, create optimum health, unlimited energy, ideal loving relationships, career satisfaction, and discover your spiritual connection to an infinite Source of divine power!  The feelings of success and joy will move into your body more frequently and authentically, creating a more aliveness and fun for you to enjoy!  Your thoughts and feelings will be easier to deal with and will now assist YOU in manifesting your life's dream.

If you want to manifest a destiny that includes financial abundance, spiritual inner peace, a great relationship, being physically fit, or a dream vacation...then this 90 day manifesting program will bring it to you faster and easier than you imagined!  Learning how to manifest your destiny means learning how to become a magnet for what you want and increase your Manifesting Vibration!

Anything is possible in the world Manifesting.  YES we manifest anything!   However, manifesting your destiny is not about working harder to achieve your goals and dreams.  Manifesting is about attracting what you want into your life with effortless ease.  It is truly up to you to decide what you really want to experience in this world.  What do you actually want to get out of this experience called life?  With an open-mind you will see that you can have anything, and everything is possible. Don't settle for a mediocre life. You have the power within you to manifest ANY experience you want!

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"There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you experience is a direct manifestation of where you focus your attention and relax your vibration." ~Jafree

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