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The Affirmations to Manifest an Awakened, Empowered and Abundant Life is a highly transformational 90 day program that will awaken you to your unlimited potentiality.  Even within a few days on this powerful affirmation program you'll shift your consciousness and begin to ignite a Universal manifesting energy hidden within you. 

These positive statements will become so deeply planted into your subconscious mind, you will be smiling for ear to ear and feel unstoppable!  Most people experience a major transformation in their thinking patterns in less than 3 weeks on this Affirmation Program.  When you do this program for 90 days you will have accessed the most spiritually awakening, empowering, and abundant life possible!

Repeating affirmations is NOT about repeating positive thoughts in your mind over and over.  There are many special techniques that allow these positive messages to sink deeply into the subconscious mind.  By doing this special affirmation program you will not only reprogram your subconscious mind to think a continuous stream of positive thoughts, you’ll also learn how to become the master of your mind/ego so you can manifest the life your dreams. 

Just like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, you will shift every cell in your body and aspect of your life to have more FREEDOM!  This Affirmation Program creates miracles in people's lives because it contains the essential teaching that will give your life wings!

Within 90 days you'll have completely rewired your brain to stick to creating ONLY positive, abundant, and empowering thoughts you will dramatically improve your finances, career, relationships and create a empowering spiritual connection with the Universe!  Imagine experiencing all of this in less than 90 days!  

This life changing Affirmation Program contains over 300+ affirmations which were picked from a list of thousands!   We chose the most empowering heart-opening messages which created the greatest mental and emotional shift in thinking.  They are guaranteed to shift your conscious and old living patterns in the most positive ways! 

You're about to feel like you're in paradise!

This program will wipe your brain clean from attachment to negative thinking patterns and open you up to FEELING these positive sensations you've been longing for.  You'll have more than an optimistic attitude about others, the world, yourself because you'll know the keys to mind-mastery!  It's time you began feeling more confident, created more friends, and started having more fun! Your desires will manifest EASIER for you because you will learn how to believe, feel and affirm that you can have them!

This powerful Affirmation Program will immediately start to rewrite the "software" in who you THINK you are and how you feel about yourself.  The fun part is when the "hardware" in your brain shifts permanently and you start manifesting some very pleasurable experiences in your life!!

By implanting this positive mindset deep into the neurons of your brain and body, others will actually start feeling more positive around you!  This kind of "unforced" positive thinking happens naturally and spontaneously is truly contagious!

What would it FEEL like to be independent of everyone's negative thoughts and opinions??

This 90 day program teaches you the greatest techniques for integrating and maintaining ANY positive statement you want about yourself, which ultimately will cause you to attract the ideal situations that you desire!

You will empower your mind to think beyond the normal negative mindset that everyone else may be in around you!!  Learn the secrets to efficiently and effectively installing these affirmations into your mind, body and life!

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Just by reading through this e-book ONE TIME you will start feeling more enlightened about your life!  Start applying these powerful manifesting affirmations to your life for 90 DAYS and you'll see how easy it is manifest your dream life! 

Experience the gratitude, joy, abundance and success that you deserve!  This is an opportunity to jump on immediately and best of all, you can instantly download it today!  


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"There are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you experience is a direct manifestation of where you focus your attention and relax your vibration." ~Jafree

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