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Jafree Ozwald
Hi, my name is Jafree and I'm the founder of the Enlightened Beings webportal and the creator of the 'Manifesting 101' experience below.  I'm excited to share with you the most effective online manifestation program the world has ever known! 
I have spent the past 18 years researching, testing and perfecting the secrets of manifestatation, and I've created an amazing technology that is 100% Guaranteed to create results in anyone's life.

Today, I am going to give you a taste of this incredible manifesting technology, which will INSTANTLY skyrocket your energy, expand your consciousness and amplify your financial frequency! 
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Here's a brief account of what happened to me when I opened up my Manifesting powers and turned around my deeply challenging life...
In 2001, I had reached a point in my life where everyday felt like a perpetual struggle to survive...
  • I was deeply depressed from my father's suicide.
  • I was getting a divorce from the high school love of my life.
  • I had borrowed $20,000 from credit cards at 18% interest which was all lost in the stock market crash of 2001.
  • I could not manifest enough money to pay my rent.
  • I was angry and arguing with all my friends and family.
  • I spent most of my days lying around, gaining weight, making excuses, doing nothing and hoping that my life would change.
  • I was jobless, completely broke, overwhelmed with bills, and had no motivation to make money.
  • And to top it all off, I was using alcohol and drugs to escape which created a lower energy and made me constantly grumpy and tired. 
  • I was absolutely stuck in a deep dark mental and emotional rut..
Then, something miraculous happened the day I dropped into the deepest pit of my depression and despair.

I reached my emotional rock bottom, which felt like a suicidal space in my mind, and this energy pushed me sooo deep inside myself that I reached an experience that has changed my life forever. 

I was lying flat on the floor in a deeply apathetic state. I remember having soooo many bills and sobbing on the floor. I had no income and had lost all my money in the stock market crash. 

In a what seemed to be a few 'timeless' moments an absolute miracle had occurred... 

I surrendered my life completely to the Universe, and in return I received information that was directly from the highest intelligence in the Universe. 

A huge surge of energy rushed through my entire body and it felt like I was struck by lightning from within. 

LOADS of amazing new creative ideas flooded in making my brain feel like it was filling up with LIGHT!

I immediately ran upstairs and started to write everything down on my computer. The most interesting thing is that I didn't stop writing for the next 12 years.

I channelled the secrets to manifesting anything you wanted on this earth. I didn't believe it was true either, so I had to test it out on my own life and see what they would do for me personally. 

In the next few weeks, I followed the manifesting formulas I received and my energy, attitude and consciousness increased in such a dramatic way that it felt like I was unstoppable!!

Within a few months of practicing these techniques, my Manifesting Vibration increased soooooooo high that in one weekend...
I manifested $20,000 cash!
(Yes, those are all $100 notes)
Now, 18 years later, I am still manifesting the life my dreams haing lived in Hawaii, Australia, Sweden, Bali and now Thailand.
These Manifesting Secrets have provided me with the most amazing life filled with abundance and freedom to travel and see the world. 

I want YOU to manifest the life of your dreams too! And you will with the Manifesting Technology that helped save me from drowning in a depressing life filled with financial debt and despair.

 "Manifesting 101" is one of the most FUN, affordable and highly effective online Manifesting Programs you'll find anywhere on the internet!
Inside 'Manifesting 101' you'll experience...
  • The essential Visualizations that turned me into a Money Manifesting Magnet in record-breaking time.
  • My personal Quiet Mind Meditation that brought deep peace and inner stillness to my brain which opened up the Manifesting Mindset
  • My sacred 17 Money Mantras which retrained my brain and Skyrocketed my FINANCIAL FREQUENCY, turning me into a powerful Money Magnet!
  • 52 Enlightened Manifestor Secrets containing specifically detailed Manifesting Assignments that will attract an amazing life that you love!
  • My favorite Kundalini Awakening practice for releasing negative thoughts, feelings and lifting my joy vibration.
  • Manifesting exercises that will cause you to jump out bed each morning at the results you're seeing.
  • The essential information you need to create the Dream Life you didn't think was possible.
  • And soooooo much more...
What Products Are Inside Manifesting 101?
You’ll first receive the 187 page Enlightened Manifestor Program which will awaken the manifesting mindset inside you. You'll receive 52 powerful manifesting “Homework Assignments" that will show how to awaken your natural manifesting consciousness. You can move through the program day by day, or week by week, depending on how fast you want to turn up your manifesting vibration.
You'll also receive my personal favorite 12 Day Money Manifesting E-course which will enlighten and expand your relationship with money so that you are effortlessly attracting financial abundance to you! Expand your creativity around money, and learn how to feel what it takes to step into a financially free manifesting mindset. Reaching the state of true abundance consciousness is absolutely priceless!
You'll get to listen to my deeply sought after Money Mantra Manifesting Meditation on MP3 audio. This empowering experience will dramatically boost your financial frequency so that you can attract real abundance into your life and become truly financially free! One of our participants swears that he built his multi-million dollar corporation just from listening to this one manifesting meditation every day. 
My personal Quiet Mind Meditation experience on MP3 audio will dramatically quiet your mental chatter so that you can relax into a deeply centered peaceful state of being inside. From this whole healed space you will find it much easier to master your emotions and listen to your inner guidance all throughout your day! 
My personal favorite is the Kundalini Shaking Video which will liberate any heaviness in your system and awaken your 'sleeping' manifesting powers. This empowering experience can fully open the Kundalini channel of energy at the base of your spine and release emotional blocks hidden inside you. Watch this video daily and you'll suddenly find that you have cleared out your inner clutter and turned yourself into a powerful Manifesting Magnet! 


And'll get my super High Vibe Manifestation Video which contains enlightening insights to accessing your infinite manifesting nature. This inspiring experience is infused with a high vibe music track that will throw you into the manifesting mindset and SKYROCKET your manifesting vibration EVERY MORNING! 

Here’s How 'Manifesting 101' Works...
Before you lay down to sleep, you simply listen to the Quiet Mind Meditation to help you to relax deeper and gently drift off to a deep peaceful abundant feeling sleep.

When you awake in the morning, you will FEEL a new state of inner peace and expansive consciousness has been implanted DEEP into your subconscious mind.

Then you take a few minutes to watch my HIGH VIBE Manifestation Video which will supercharge your consciousness and skyrocket your vibration before you begin your day! 

You can then practice the Kundalini Shaking technique to release all of the blocks stopping you from turning up your vibration!

Then you start the 12 day Money Manifesting Ecourse for your money manifestation assignment of the day.

Next...anytime throughout your day (at your leisure) read a lesson from the Enlightened Manifestor Program and follow the special "Manifesting Homework Assignment" that comes with it. There are 52 life transforming manifesting lessons and enlightening assignments that will empower the way you think, feel and breathe in life.

Whenever you want to boost your Financial Frequency,  lay down and listen to the Money Mantra Manifesting Meditation. This experience will fertilize your subconscious mind with powerful abundance beliefs so that you increase your financial self-worth and value in this world. 

I guarantee you will feel a shift in energy within a few hours of using these enlightening materials.  Everything will change in your life when you start implementing these basic secrets to manifesting... 
Who is this course for?
  • People who want to release negative energy and the belief systems that have held them back from loving their life.
  • Those who need support from like-minded uplifting heart centered enlightened beings who are here to uplift the consciousness of the planet!
  • Any human being who wants to experience a new level of freedom, joy, financial abundance, and love in their relationships.
  • People who feel lost, stuck in a situation they don't love and want to manifest a new lifestyle from a place of joy and creativity!
Now just imagine...
What your life will be like when your manifesting vibration has skyrocketed through the roof...

Imagine the looks on your loved ones’ faces after you have manifested the life of your dreams.  
Imagine the feeling what you’ll experience when you realize that you've let go of that old 'hard work' mentality to achieve your dream life and are manifesting anything you want easily and effortlessly...
Imagine being able to take a vacation any time you want - to wherever you want. 

Hawaii. Venice. Bali. Greece. Paris. 

You choose!! 

Imagine that you're jumping up and down with total joy every morning because you have tapped into a secret manifesting formula that allows you to attract unlimited states of abundance and bliss!

Yes, everything that you imagine can and will be yours one day - especially when you are using this PROVEN manifesting course that is 100% Guaranteed to supercharge your life.

I am going to teach you how to manifest your desires with laser-like precision.

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Your Manifesting 101 Program Contains 
a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
I’m sooooo confident you’ll truly LOVE my "Manifesting 101" course, that I’m willing to stand behind it with an unconditional, no-questions-asked 30 day 100% money back guarantee:

If in the unlikely event that you’re not completely BLOWN AWAY by the amazing content in this course and not totally CONVINCED that you've experienced ANY positive changes in your life from listening to the manifesting meditations or following the weekly Manifesting Homework Assignments within 30 days after you've made your purchase, I will give you a prompt and courteous refund.

All you’ll need to do is contact me with your details, or even just reply to the email with your free download, and I’ll send the cash back on the spot.

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Stay Magical,

Jafree Ozwald

P.S. If you’re looking for long, complex courses where you have to wait weeks before you even start feeling any transformation - my program is definitely not like that.  I have filtered out all the excess information and am giving you the most direct, fun, and simplest method for the ‘average person’ to use proven manifesting formulas and become a manifesting magnet!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions...
Why $7?
If you’re thinking “$7 is cheap…what’s the catch? Here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. The low $7 price allows my Manifesting Technology to be experienced by everyone, no matter how poor they feel. At $7 and a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, nobody should be afraid of being ripped off.

2. We only want serious people who desire real transformation. In our experience charging anything (even if it’s just $2) will gets rid of 99% of the non-serious freebie-seeker riff-raff. 

3. We have tested the market and $7 is the sweet spot to get people off the fence and taking action towards their dreams.

So that’s it. No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the essential cheap manifesting materials you need to see a true change in your energy, vibration and consciousness which will yield the long term results you want.
When do I get it?
Immediately.  Your download information will show up on the next page after you click the purchase button AND you will receive an email with the access link as well just to make sure you always can access your manifestation materials!
How Can You Know This Manifesting Technology truly works?
After spending 18+ years in testing and perfecting these manifesting formulas on myself and over 2000 clients, I have discovered the essential tools necessary to skyrocket your energy, attitude and consciousness in the fastest and easiest manner.  If you need more proof, check out all 150+ Testimonials for my 90 Day Super Manifesting Program. This program is a much bigger financial investment yet you will feel like you've got a University degree in the world of Manifesting.

In Manifesting 101 you get to taste what's possible without the big financial risk.  Ultimately in life, every decision we make is a leap of faith into the unknown. This is simply a sweet little opportunity to benefit from my years of research and learn how to magically increase your ability to attract the life you desire.
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